Michael Molinaro – US Army – Getting to do some media relations

Week two of my internship was as much fun as the first—no, even better. I helped out with the Army Small Arms Championships by taking photos for their marketing campaign and I also got to do some media relations work.


Since it is an Army post they have different rules and media can’t just come on and do their thing. So I had to pick up a crew from the Sportsman Channel and one female reporter from a local station at the gate and escort them to the location of the competition. Once we got there I described for them what was going on then let them get to work. They asked me to help them find a few Soldiers who would be willing to go on camera and get interviewed, so I found some guys and gals who were willing to speak on camera. So that gave me a chance to do the other side of media relations and prep our people for the interview. When its on the spot real quick like that, you just give them a quick prep—nothing too much—and make sure their uniform looks good and they know they’re talking points. I am told that in a few weeks I’ll be actually doing some media training which will be fun. It’s a lot more in-depth and something the Soldiers take with them everywhere they go.


There were a lot of females at this match so my boss had me snapping lots of photos of them for poster production. Females are now going to be allowed to be assigned to infantry units so it was cool to see the girls out there shooting the big guns with the guys. They held their own for sure.


I did some office work and got started on a poster for the upcoming event in March. I should have it done this week so I should have it up in next week’s blog. January flew by and can’t believe it’s already February. This thing happens in mid-March and between work, this internship and of course my classes, it is going to be one hectic semester. But I wouldn’t want anything less because when I own my PR firm the only way I’ll be successful is if I am busy, right?


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