Jake Hall – PBC/SSC Softball Challenge


My internship with the Sports Information Department at CSU took me to the Peach Belt Conference/Sunshine State Conference challenge over the weekend. The PBC/SSC Challenge is an invitational softball tournament that puts three of the top softball teams from each conference against each other. The tournament was held at the South Commons Softball complex and lasted for two days. On Saturday, CSU went 2-0 winning both of their games against Lynn and Saint Leo. I, however, was not there on Saturday because I was working the CSU men’s and women’s basketball games for the CSU SID. I mostly monitored a free lance sports journalist for the Ledger-Enquirer by the name of Joe Myers. He showed me a lot about what a writer does during a game and just how to keep up with all the action that goes on during a typical NCCA basketball game. I was also responsible for getting the game books, which are a play-by-play report of what happened during the game to both the CSU coaches and their opponents Georgia College’s coaches.

On Sunday I showed up at the South Commons Softball Complex at 8:30 a.m. to work with the SID at the Lady Cougar’s game. They had me working the scoreboard, but They were also showing me how to work the live feed program for the game. The live feed runs on csucougars.com during the game and it allows the fans that cannot make it to the game to keep track of the game on their computer or mobile device. I worked the scoreboard for both the CSU/Saint Leo game, which CSU also won in extra innings in walk-off fashion, and the Rollins/North Georgia game. CSU played Rollins in their final game of the tournament. During that game the head of the CSU SID, Cara Lynn Teague, was writing the game recap of the Lady Cougar’s first game of the morning but could not finish it by the start of CSU’s final game, so she let me finish it for her. I was so relieved because finally I got to do some writing. She enjoyed my half of the story a lot and you can read it here. She was so impressed by it that she has put me in charge of writing a feature piece on a few CSU softball players chasing NCAA records. I am excited.


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