Youth of the Year is approaching and as we get closer to the date of the event, the more work there is to do.  I have spent the last  few days assisting the competitors for the  judging session that will take place on February 11, 2014. In doing so, we were able to take the four finalists to Kohl’s Department store for a styling session. Each finalist was able to pick one outfit for the judging session and one for the event in March.  Later we interviewed the kids for a segment that will air on WTVM and at the event itself. The footage from the interview will be aired during the event to allow the audience to gain more knowledge on each contestant. On Monday afternoon I also sent out our first new release regarding the event. Since then we have received positive feedback from our community supporters and media contacts. In addition, I have continued to update our Facebook page by posting current events that are taking place at our five clubs in the Columbus region.

Kohls_Cares_logoIMG_2138 (1)

It is also a pleasure to look back on my blogs from last Spring and see the major strides BGCCV has made.  From the update of our Website, Facebook page and the direction of Youth of the Year, its really great to know that I have been apart of this great transition period.


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