Christmas is over but winter is still here: Snow Days in Columbus brings the City to a holt! – Tier Wootson


Last Tuesday Georgia received a Winter Storm alert predicting that it would snow throughout the state. Naturally, WLTZ was gearing up to cover it because we needed to let the people know what was going on. One thing I didn’t know was even despite of a snow storm the show must go on. I was always taught you protect yourself first, but my news director said, “it’s our duty to let the people know what’s going on. What is open/closed. What streets and highways to avoid if possible.” I along with many other people in Columbus chose to locked ourselves in the house. I didn’t feel comfortable driving on the road, considering so many accidents were occurring, so I was working for home.

It was quite difficult trying to find a guest to come onto the show, considering most places were closed. What were we going to do? Have fun! And ask for help so, we asked local residents to send in photos and videos of themselves having fun it the snow. Once the ice cleared businesses opened and things got back to normal. I was able to get the following week set up and everything was normal in the workplace . After all, only in Georgia does it snow on Tuesday and it’s dry on Friday, but no matter what, you can count on WLTZ NBC 38 to deliver the best and accurate news available.

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