Internship of my Dreams


The holidays were coming to an end. The reality of school beginning soon, was settling in. As excited as I was about concurring  yet another semester, knowing it would not be a typical term, was all the more intriguing. Along with my other captivating, PR related classes, my junior internship would be the most exciting.

I have worked for a Moe’s Original BBQ for nearly three years in Auburn, AL. When I begin my journey with Moe’s, I never imagined where it would take me. I instantly fell in love with it’s mission, soul, and love for southern barbecue. The longer I worked for the company, the more it became clear of a bright future I could potentially have with this ever growing franchise.

As of December 11, 2013, I am officially a resident of Panama City Beach, FL. I moved here to watch a Moe’s start from the ground up. Roughly three weeks from opening, my internship has began at the perfect time. I began the internship this past week. My focuses for the next few weeks will include; training new hires, joining Panama City Beach (Bay County) Chamber of Commerce, managing the stores social media web pages, and preparing the store for it’s grand opening. I couldn’t be more trilled to incorporate everything I have and continue to learn through CSU!

For more information about Moe’s BBQ please check out the following:

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