98.3 The Beat – Jyotsna Scales – Time to Get Busy

 I am interning with ClearChannel Radio in Columbus, GA which consists of 98.3 the Beat, Sunny 100, Magic 101.3, Rock 103, South 106.1, NewsRadio 540 AM, 1270 Southern Gospel, and 1460 Funny. I look at this internship to be a great opportunity to work with experienced communication experts. Everyone around the radio station loves what they do and take great pride in informing the community. During my first week, I learned the basics of radio. For example, their is a 60 minute clock of organized radio. You have your 15 minute intervals where there would commercial breaks and advertisement. I never knew there was such an organized way of doing radio. I thought of radio like the every average person you just press buttons and everything is done automatically.

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I arrive to the radio station to learn and observe how radio works. I am specifically working with 98.3 the beat radio station with Derrick Greene also known as “Lil D”. Derrick Greene is a very experienced radio personality and also the Vice President of Programming for Clear Channel in Columbus, GA.

I never thought of interning for a radio station before but an acquaintance told me about it. I figured as a Communication major with a Public Relations track why not learn everything with communication since it is so general. Next week I will be learning how to work the board and computers for the radio. I am very blessed and can’t wait to learn all the new things about radio.

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