The Bearcats Fan Experience

Want to perform in front of a large crowd and gain exposure for your performance group? Well here is an opportunity to take advantage of our 6-minute pre-game warm up. This opportunity is designed for cheerleaders/dance groups, youth basketball teams, bands, etc. In order to participate in the activity, the minimum is 20 tickets sold before groups can take advantage of pre-game warm up.

 Another experience we created was the high-five tunnel that offers 20 youth ages 6-14 to create a tunnel for the Bearcats to run through as they take the court for the game. However this fan experience is only available for home games in which either the Boys & Girls Club or Big Brothers Big Sisters club is not scheduled to participate.

These are two of the new fan experiences that the Columbus Bearcats has created in order to give fans more of an opportunity to be an active fan rather than just someone who sits and observes. These experiences are directed towards children to give them a new outlook on basketball and players.

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