Power Weeks!

November 7

Next Monday is the start of the Fourth Quarter Power Weeks here at Aflac. Power Weeks is what Aflac calls their end of quarter and end of year three week periods. Power Weeks is when the employees do their best to get as much information in as possible, to get as many policies and claims filed and sorted and squared away for our quarterly metrics. To help with that, Aflac actually makes it a special occasion, through the use of special food days, “Blue Jeans Week” where employees who bring in the right numbers get to wear blue jeans all week instead of just on Friday, and many other fun ways to make sure the employees are happy and can do their best work. For me, Power Weeks means a huge spike in surveys. When I do the EFM site to analyze the survey responses, it usually takes me about 3 days to create the new page to update for each month. This includes adding all the coding, reading and sorting each response into the correct category, and then analyzing the categories for insights about the month and Aflac’s processes as a whole.

During Power Weeks, it will probably take me closer to 5 days, as the last Power Weeks we had an increase in surveys from 300, the average number each month, to almost 1,500. I’m a fast reader, but reading 1,500 people say what they did or did not like about Aflac takes a LONG time. On top of all of that, I still have my other duties within my department, like doing web access codes for other departments and business process improvement and redesign methodologies. I think the worst part about Power Weeks is that they are the middle 2 weeks in November for the end of quarter, and then the middle 2 weeks in December for the end of year. This means that I will have Power Weeks responsibilities during three of my finals for CSU. That’s really gonna put a hurting on my time.

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