NNU Home Site Request

November 5

In my work at Aflac this semester, I have been in charge of maintaining the sites that govern our survey responses from our customers. This has involved designing our SharePoint site for EFM (Enterprise Feedback Management) as well as updating it and creating new ways to get the information across the board to the employees and management in our division. The managers of my department use my website and my results every week in the meetings with their managers. The head of the division saw what I had done with the SharePoint site and asked me for a meeting. I was so nervous, I had no idea why she wanted to meet with me and started panicking thinking I had some something wrong!

When I met with her, she told me that she really liked the work I had done on the EFM site, and she asked me if I would be willing to design, implement, and maintain the “home site” for our entire department. I was blown away! This assignment means that anytime someone needs access to the SharePoint site for any of the departments in our division, they would visit my home site to find the page they needed. I’m still super nervous about it! Last Friday, I held a meeting with all of the department heads to get their input on what they wanted to be on the home site, since it would be easily accessible to higher-level management. The goal was to decide which information should just be on the division home site (important metrics, the dashboard with our goals and insights for the year, etc.) for each department. This is a huge honor, but also a huge risk because if it’s terrible, I will be the one in trouble. That’s one of the reasons I put together the meeting with the department heads, I feel like their input was invaluable for putting together a website that broadcasts our department in a positive light.

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