Jacob Leatherwood – My Everything Hurts…

November 21

On Thursday when I met with Tomeika, we decided to wipe the website and start [basically] from scratch. Because this site broadcasts our department, we needed to make sure that everyone who saw it could a. easily maneuver it, b. be able to find what they need, c. understand what our team does, and d. the team could improve functionality and efficiency using it. Holy cow. We talked for probably 2 hours on just the things we needed to update. That didn’t include remove or add, just update. Today I met with her again and we sat down with our main coding specialist, Nehi, and discussed which things we wanted to add and remove. I won’t even try to explain all the changes we are making, but I feel like I’m suffocating. Today alone, before that meeting (at 2pm), I did:

Initial steps for the NNU home site and requested approval

Finished my Power Weeks database access requests

Stood outside the cafeteria selling fundraiser raffle tickets for an hour with Denise

Produced a sitemap for every page of our website

Updated the EFM site to reflect the insights from October

And I still have more to do. I don’t know how I’m going to handle this workload if I am going to be trying to keep up this pace with finals. I will probably die from exhaustion or have an anxiety attack or something.

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