Another Day, Another Problem

October 9

One of my BAU duties at Aflac is to maintain and oversee the surveys for our Enterprise Feedback Management site. These surveys contain everything from Aflac’s customers on whether or not they like the system or if they had problems with it. Sometimes the agents selling Aflac are not directly associated with us and so they do not give the customer the correct level of attention or help. Sometimes the customer has a problem with the online systems, like their invoice not printing or them not being comfortable with IE9 being the only browser to run the business objects site.

However, I like having the opportunity to see these issues because I am working to compile a list of root causes for our department on what customers are having problems with. I am calling them the “impact areas” and I am basing an entire page on our department’s intranet site on them.

I broke all of the issues into 9 categories (not counting “Not Yet Evaluated”, which only applies to issues indicated without a comment to identify them). These impact area categories will help us to determine where we can improve. Below this graph on the site, I have included a “Trends and Insights” box where I describe the changes month to month, and the changes year to year. This is my first major step into making this site available to other departments. After I have the page completely up and running, I plan to find a way to make it “printer friendly” and I will submit it to my manager as a monthly report on our data. If my manager likes the way I do it, we might be able to use SharePoint in a way that helps eliminate the pesky formatting of PowerPoint for our paper-only presentations. Or if they want to keep PowerPoint, they can take the charts directly from my page as a source. Either way, I hope my page helps our department to identify with and relate to our customers.


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