Tier Wootson- This is Not the End


Even tough this is the end of the semester, this is not the end of my internship. I plan on continuing to stay with WLTZ NBC 38 during the holiday break and next semester. I even plan on continuing to be with them as long as they want to have me. I have a lot to learn about the business that I love. The main thing that I have learned this semester is that you have to have passion and patience. The entertainment industry is not one that you get into if you don’t have patience. Everything will not be handed to you the moment you walk through the door, regardless of how much talent you have. You sacrifice parts of your life to do the thing that you love; spending time with loved ones, your children, hanging out with friends, having free time. All these things I love but there is a time and place for everything. I love working with the staff at WLTZ. They welcomed me with open arms and have taught me so much in the last few weeks and continue to teach me everyday. I’m looking forward to having more time at the studio to learn as much as I can before I leave for the holiday.


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