Jennifer Therrien – The Stress of an Event

My experience at the Chamber has given me an idea of what it is like to try and put on an event. I got to experience some of the littlest tasks that end up meaning the most. This has shown me how hard it really is to put on your own event. For my PR Campaigns class we worked with the Department of Communication and the NPACE Center to create a fundraiser to raise money for the Department. We had no idea it would be as difficult as it is. I went into this thinking it would be a little stressful but not nearly as stressful as it has been. There are so many logistics that take place when  you are trying to host an event.

As a group we decided we would create a Tacky Sweater Fundraiser that would bring the community and local non-profits together!! It has been quite a struggle to make everything come together but knowing how the event should be makes it worth it.  I can’t wait to see how our event goes!



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