Jennifer Therrien – Happy Thanksgiving at the Chamber!

biys and girls club

One of the most rewarding experiences I got to take away from my internship was our Thanksgiving celebration at the Chamber. To give thanks the staff from the Chamber went to t

he Boys and Girls club to help volunteer for the morning. It was interesting to see what really goes on at these clubs. We got to take a tour of the facility and see what the kids do and how they learn. It is not just a place for them to go after school, but a place for the children to continue learning. I didn’t look at it like a after school program, but a family. There were so many rooms at the Club where the children could go and play games, do homework, use their imagination, and much more!

After our tour of the facility we all got to help out where they needed our help. I worked with the group of girls in the art supply closet. It was rewarding to be able to help out the Boys and Girls Club in such a small but big way. We got the chance to reorganize the closet and make it easier for the children and instructor to work.

After helping out at the Boys and Girls Club, we went back to the Chamber to help set up for a baby shower and Thanksgiving lunch. It was nice to see the staff work together to create something special for the other employees. There was a Thanksgiving lunch provided for the staff! I am so glad I got to be a part of such a rewarding day!!

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