Robbie Watson – Back story

Robbie Watson

So, I made a no frills return to television broadcasting after a decade away from in front of the camera. Below is part one of a two-part series that aired for sweeps this month.

Interview with the General

A lot has changed in the industry since my last TV job as a Sports Anchor/Reporter.

The method of delivering news has changed.

The audience has changed.

I’ve changed.

Consultants and misguided managers insist viewers want to be spoon fed in a tenth of a nano second something exciting to hold their attention.  They think appealing to the lowest common denominator is the route to go.

I challenge that theory.

How about get to know what the hell is happening in the world beyond who got busted at the crack house on the corner  or which self-made “celebrity” is selling their soul for the almighty dollar in the name of fame…

Some inquiring minds want to know more.


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