Chasity Cook – Prime Time Senior Health Fair

Screen shot 2013-12-02 at 4.58.34 PM

St. Francis Celebrate it’s annual Primetime seniors health fair. This health fair is a community based effort to keep our seniors health and active as they grow deeper into their years of wisdom. At the health fair their were tons of give aways and different health screening that most seniors would not be able to afford on their own. St. Francis also gave away flu shots to those that wanted them at the health fair. I had the opportunity to greet many of our seniors and also help them to get registered into our Primetime Seniors program. The primetime seniors program also offers different events each month such as ballroom dancing and exercise classes for those 65 and older. As I get older I realize how much legacy these people carry and it is so important to make sure they are healthy and comfortable in their latter years. The stories and wisdom they carry is something that can never be recreated or duplicated. I am so grateful and humbled by the opportunity to help with this event. It was a great success and I wish St. Francis on the years to come.

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