Brianna Condra – Student Directing Series

This week, Kern gave me the task of creating Facebook banners for the Student Directing Series this semester.  The difference between these and the other Facebook banners is that I was given creative freedom for the first time.  She gave me the information that needed to go on the banners and said, “Have fun!”

This was nerve-wracking to me because I’ve never considered myself to be creative.  It is hard for me to imagine an image and execute it on Photoshop.  I’m much better at working with assigned images.  So, to complete my task, I looked up the play.  I found that it is about a young couple interviewing a serial killer as they worry whether they are reporting facts or glorifying his murders.

That’s pretty macabre so I decided on a dark theme.  I was able to come up with a pretty awesome Facebook banner for Down the Road.



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