Tier Wootson- Poanna


We had Poanna, a local band of Columbus, come on Chip’s World. They were playing at The Loft downtown, which has weekly entertainment on the weekends. They actually brought in their own amps and more instruments that wouldn’t fit into the space that we had. So we ended up do an acoustic version of some of their songs. Luke (left)  is the main vocals and Tim (right) is one of the guitarist and vocals, while Kendall (back left) sings back up and plays guitar as well; their drummer was unable to make it. It was interesting to see how I was going to fit everyone fit in the frame, so I had to move the camera about 5 ft. from its original place. We also had some lighting issues because of the angles of the light, at times the picture would be hot, so I had to play with the iris and rearrange people to get just the perfect picture and lighting. I have a video of Poanna practicing during the break but it seems that it’s to big to add so I made a link where you can listen. Poanna sings one of their original songs, which you can download on ITunes if interested.   Poanna


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