Tier Wootson- Mr.Cardio Tone

mr.cardio tone

We had the very infamous Mr. Cardio Tone come on to the show. Mr. Cardio Tone has taught at many CSU fitness events held by different organizations on campus. He talked about how important fitness is, but even more, how you have to make fitness fun in order to do it everyday, especially for the kids, which is his specialty.  He showed us some of his moves, and I was unable to join in on the fun because I’m running the camera. I actually forgot that they were doing an example on the last segment on the show, so for 5-10 seconds they were headless and Vince, our producer, was yelling PULL OUT!, PULL OUT! I was so focused on the snippet because he kept changing it up, so it was a lot of fun, and I honestly forgot  to pull out, but everything worked out, so no harm was done.  Once again I couldn’t figure out how to upload the video so here it is mr.cardio tone


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