Chasity Cook – Health Fair

Flu shot 5

Since I have been an intern at St. Francis I have notice its major concern about the health and well being of the Columbus area. In the past few months I can say that I have attended at least 3-4 health fairs. Some back to back. The most recent health fair I attended was at Warren Williams for the Fountain City Classic that comes to Columbus, Ga every year. Though we were not the only hospital or doctors office at these events I can honestly say that we often get the most attention while we are there. Now that we have our state of the art heart hospital as well as the opening of the Womens hospital, lots of people come and ask us about these things as well as what Doctors we partner. This is so they can jump on the great St. Francis train of health and wellness. Often times at the health fairs a few nurses come from St. Francis come to help by doing blood pressure checks, BMI chart checks, and hearing test. They also teach about strokes and different diseases that lots of people are prone to. While at the events I usually just greet guest as they walk by or help them to gather brochures on the information that they are most concerned about.


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