Chasity Cook – Opening of the Women’s Hospital at St. Francis

Womens Hospital Opening

It’s finally here! The opening of the Women’s Hospital at St. Francis is finally up and almost running. Today I had the honor of picking up a few documents from the Mayor’s Office before heading over to help set up at the hospital for the momentus occasion. Upon arrival there were balloons everywhere with St. Francis’ great facility team placing them around outside. During the set up time I assisted one of the team members set up the stage for our guest by being sure signs were placed properly, and the micrphones had no feed back. I also was able to get my first look at the community relations PR representative Jessica, prepare for the media to come and video the ceremony by handing out press releases and answering any questions the media may have at any moment.  During the event I was able to stand back and watch as the CEO Robert Granger gave his kind words to the employees of St. Francis to congratulate them on their hard work and team effort to make the hospital opening a success.

1377509_225915644238128_2067422971_nMany dont know this about St. Francis but they delivered babies between 1950-1980.  During the baby search contest that I talked about in a previous post, we were contacted by many men and women who were born at St. Francis between 1950-1980 and, we had success. The first baby ever born at St. Francis heard about this grand event and made her way down for the event. Everyone that came to the ribbon cutting were able to tour the Labor and Delivery Hospital before they are officially up and running. It was absolutely stunning!

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