Chasity Cook – Construction Almost Finished!

photo 2

After months of construction, the St. Francis Women’s Hospital is almost finished. I have met a lot of the new physicians that are preparing to serve the new mom’s in the OB/GYN center. At this current time many of the doctors have moved into their new offices and are ready to go. During my tour of the Women’s facility I was able to see all of the construction as well as the strenuous amounts of PR work that go into this project. There are signs that must have correct lettering as well as the logo must be absolutely perfect. Also, we not only does St. Francis serve there patients but you must make sure the employees and physicians are happy as well. So far it seems as though the OB/GYN doctors are loving what they see and experience and my hope for St. Francis is that the positive things continue!

In the picture above I am standing in one of the conference rooms as it’s being worked on.  Safety first as St. Francis! always wear your hard hat and vest!)

David Douglas – Making Progress!

So far my internship with the Columbus Bearcats has been a great experience. I have learned how to plan sporting related events. The most exciting part about interning for a sports team is that there is never a boring moment.

Every game has a theme, a public figure from the Columbus area, and  non-profit organization. Depending on the theme of the game there will be different give-a-ways and contests. The first game of the season is November 14th against Fort Benning.


This week is a big week for the organization, my goal is to pull-in at least two sponsors for the team. On September 18, 2013 I meet with potential  sponsors who would sponsor the team for a year.

Dana Coburn – Ready, Set, Tour Time!

Today I gave my first solo tour to new clients at The Rankin Gardens and Atrium. When I saw how eager the future bride and groom were to see their potential venue, I became even more excited to show it off.  Along with my eagerness, I was exceptionally nervous because their opinion and first impression of the venue lies in my hands. There are certain procedures you have to go through in each room  that I had been trained on, and it is crucial to be able to give the tour correctly as well as show all available options to meet their needs.  

This young couple was extremely nice and were encouraging the whole time. I was able to explain every option for the venue set up and package for their wedding day, as well as answer all questions that came up. The tour went exceptionally smooth and I am one hundred percent confident in the role I play here. These particular clients did book a date, and are set to have their ceremony and reception here in the beginning of next fall.

My mentors in this internship have given me the knowledge I need to fulfill my goals during my time here. They are now allowing me to experience the real world with the knowledge I have gained with my time here so far. I enjoy the independence given to me here, but I am also thankful for the supportive system that has been put in place to help me succeed. I am now ready to give as many tours as possible! Everyone, come tour the Rankin Gardens and Atrium for any event!


Robbie Watson – What does Mental illness look like?

Dee and DavidThe FCC requires television stations to keep a log of reports and interviews that deal with particular issues.   These “issues” include Politics, Law Enforcement, Education, Diversity and Community to name a few.

Mental Health Awareness is one such issue that falls under both Community and Law Enforcement.

Mental Health issues are often thrust into the spotlight when high profile tragic events occur like the Sandy Hook school shooting which claimed the life of dozens of children. Homeless and jail population also prompt an occasional spotlight on mental illness.

One of the ways WLTZ NBC 38 is devoted to open dialogue about mental illness is by teaming up with New Horizons Counseling and Director David Wallace.  Wallace is a regular weekly guest on the Dee Armstrong Show to cover once taboo topics such as suicide and common myths about mental illness.

A national effort is underway by organizations like New Horizons, NAMI and individuals like pastor Rick Warren to eliminate the stigma of mental illness. Warren , the popular evangelical pastor who penned “A purpose driven Life”, lost his son to suicide earlier this year.

Former UGA Superstar Herschel Walker has also joined the national stage and will be in Columbus next month to discuss his own battle with the disease. If anyone can put a dent in the negative stigma attached to those who suffer from a mental illness, it just might be the legendary football player.

Stay tuned for more on Herschel’s message to Columbus and why the mentally ill might not match the mental picture you have….

Jasmine Jones – The Finishing Product


Last week I took my time to put together a full package story, which was fun and challenging to complete.  I was able to do a voice over in the booth and edit the story I worked on in one day. I must admit that this was the most tedious experience, however I believe I will get use to the process as time goes on.  My goal is to have four packages completed, so that I can have it for my tape in order to send to different news companies.  I was able to also get some footage for another package next week that I will be putting together soon as well.  I let some of the editors look at the package I put together and they were able to give some editing tips with the program and they liked it overall.  I am learning a lot and I look forward to becoming more comfortable with this process as time goes on!

Johnny Carter – Tapes, Tapes and more Tapes

by Johnny Carter

This week my task at work is working with our old hunting videos. 

I am ingesting every single VCR or DVD Realtree has ever produced. This is going to take all week! Realtree has been producing videos since 1992. Every year has anywhere from two to four videos. For example, some years have whitetail hunts, duck hunts, turkey hunts, and elk hunts. These tapes have a run time from 60 minutes to 120 minutes. 

It is a very weird feeling ingesting these tapes. I can remember growing up watching this videos and now I am doing an internship for Realtree. Who would have thought?

Other than tapes, not a whole lot is going on this week.


Hudson Thompson – Blood, Guts, and Video Editing

So, Saturday was interesting. It was the 2nd weekend the “Active Shooter” movie was being shot and I assisted where I could. I helped clear areas for the scene to be shot in, etc. We only got a few scenes shot, though, only a fraction of what was supposed to be shot. I am helping tomorrow as well; it is the 3rd and final day and hopefully we are able to finish at a decent hour! I will be on “blood detail” tomorrow and get to clean up all the fake blood which will be interesting!

Also, I helped with the video mentioned in my last post! I had a few wardrobe changes, got to be in front of the camera, and also was asked if I could help out with the editing of the video. That will be fun considering I’ve only gotten 1 opportunity to edit a video and would like to try it out again!


Here we go again, Final Cut!