Gary Goforth Week 3 with Dave

editSo last week I explained that if you were going to get a successful edit you would need step one which is the establishing shot, which tells where you are and whats going on. Well step 2 is the meat of your edit, which is the action. What do you know what to film, thats not a question…. you film everything. You never know when a big play will happen. So for a good edit Dave wanted at least 2 touch downs and a big play, but Dave always prefers 3 touchdowns it just makes for easy news. so how do you know where to be when the action is happening. Well, when filming from the sideline you will never be in the perfect position, but if you are ahead or behind the play a good 15 yards you will get a good shot if you know how to work your camera. Always keep your camera in focus and check your white balance as the game progresses.


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