Chasity Cook – Time Capsule Event!

photo 3

On September 17th St. Francis placed a time capsule inside of the new Butler Pavilion to be open in 25 years! I was super excited to be apart of this occasion by collecting the letters and supplies from the doctors, nurses, dietitians, and anyone who worked at St.Francis. The time capsule had everything from construction hats, to business

cards, also there were letters written from individuals that work at the hospital. While this event took place it dawned on me that I will be 47 years old when they open this time capsule. Hopefully, I wont be far away so that I can be apart of the unveiling.

St. Francis

At this event I was able to shadow the community relations team on set up, photography, and welcoming the media. After this event I commend all photographers for the great shots they get at these events with lots of people. Seeing the set us and how the community relations department worked as a team to set this up was absolutely great. I am truly a proud intern of St. Francis Hospital.

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