Chasity Cook – Doctor Database


For a few weeks, one of my tasks was to enter the doctors information into the database. This particular database allowed me to enter aprox. 300 doctors’ information (Specialty, facility, gender, education, residency). To find this information I had to search through each individual doctor’s resume to find these things. The difficulties I faced were quite amazing. Because many of the doctors affiliated with St. Francis were doctors prior to computers. I sorted through at lot of handwritten resume’s many of which were hard to read or missing information. As I like to tell everyone “Google is my best friend”, it really did help me to find out more information that I needed to complete their entry on the database. At times it became a little frustrating, but I do realize that whether I did it or someone else did, it had to be done.  I did not create the webpage in which these names were posted but if you visit you will see the “Find a doctor link”. No matter what type of doctor you are looking for it’s probably in that database. After it’s all said and done with, I am happy to see the end result and how it is helping Columbus, and surrounding areas, find doctors to help the needs. It’s truly a changing experience when you know what little you did can literally make a big difference in someone’s life.

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