Chasity Cook – Construction Almost Finished!

photo 2

After months of construction, the St. Francis Women’s Hospital is almost finished. I have met a lot of the new physicians that are preparing to serve the new mom’s in the OB/GYN center. At this current time many of the doctors have moved into their new offices and are ready to go. During my tour of the Women’s facility I was able to see all of the construction as well as the strenuous amounts of PR work that go into this project. There are signs that must have correct lettering as well as the logo must be absolutely perfect. Also, we not only does St. Francis serve there patients but you must make sure the employees and physicians are happy as well. So far it seems as though the OB/GYN doctors are loving what they see and experience and my hope for St. Francis is that the positive things continue!

In the picture above I am standing in one of the conference rooms as it’s being worked on.  Safety first as St. Francis! always wear your hard hat and vest!)


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