Robbie Watson – What does Mental illness look like?

Dee and DavidThe FCC requires television stations to keep a log of reports and interviews that deal with particular issues.   These “issues” include Politics, Law Enforcement, Education, Diversity and Community to name a few.

Mental Health Awareness is one such issue that falls under both Community and Law Enforcement.

Mental Health issues are often thrust into the spotlight when high profile tragic events occur like the Sandy Hook school shooting which claimed the life of dozens of children. Homeless and jail population also prompt an occasional spotlight on mental illness.

One of the ways WLTZ NBC 38 is devoted to open dialogue about mental illness is by teaming up with New Horizons Counseling and Director David Wallace.  Wallace is a regular weekly guest on the Dee Armstrong Show to cover once taboo topics such as suicide and common myths about mental illness.

A national effort is underway by organizations like New Horizons, NAMI and individuals like pastor Rick Warren to eliminate the stigma of mental illness. Warren , the popular evangelical pastor who penned “A purpose driven Life”, lost his son to suicide earlier this year.

Former UGA Superstar Herschel Walker has also joined the national stage and will be in Columbus next month to discuss his own battle with the disease. If anyone can put a dent in the negative stigma attached to those who suffer from a mental illness, it just might be the legendary football player.

Stay tuned for more on Herschel’s message to Columbus and why the mentally ill might not match the mental picture you have….


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