Hudson Thompson – Blood, Guts, and Video Editing

So, Saturday was interesting. It was the 2nd weekend the “Active Shooter” movie was being shot and I assisted where I could. I helped clear areas for the scene to be shot in, etc. We only got a few scenes shot, though, only a fraction of what was supposed to be shot. I am helping tomorrow as well; it is the 3rd and final day and hopefully we are able to finish at a decent hour! I will be on “blood detail” tomorrow and get to clean up all the fake blood which will be interesting!

Also, I helped with the video mentioned in my last post! I had a few wardrobe changes, got to be in front of the camera, and also was asked if I could help out with the editing of the video. That will be fun considering I’ve only gotten 1 opportunity to edit a video and would like to try it out again!


Here we go again, Final Cut!


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