Gary Goforth Week 2 with Dave

daveWeek 2, Dave and I went to the another Carver High game this week. So far I have learned that Carver is pretty much the football power house of the Columbus area, and if I want to keep up with them on camera I gotta be very fast paced. I am still shadowing Dave this week, but as I am shadowing him, I am learning there are more tricks to the trade then you can learn in a day. Dave says himself that he is a dinosaur and his ways are a little out dated, but they work for him. So step one of getting what you need for the ” edit ” later at the station. You need a shot to establish yourself that tells the viewers where you are and whats going on. For filming football either the coin toss or the banner breaks are always a go to for your establishing shot. It shows what teams are playing, their mascots, and their team captains. If you do not get either of these shots, it will be ok, because  you can always get some sort of pan shot of the scoreboard down to the side lines just to show what field you are at then your broadcaster/announcer can paint the picture for you. Next week I will explain how to get your action plays and what you need in them.9


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