Gary Goforth CSU Athletics

1 This semester I will also be working with the Columbus State University athletic department and their ITS department. I will be filming games just like I do with Dave so I am getting some really good field work with my camera. As well, as I am learning a few different tricks to make some very interesting camera angles. Why does any of this matter? Well, when people watch TV or a video on the internet they are not going to be interested in the video if it is poorly made. I have learned this from Dr. Hart in both of my video production and filming classes at Columbus State University. He taught us that it is not always about what is in the picture meaning the action,  but the way the shot is set up and lead into. With a lot of the player profiles that we are doing, and will be doing we have grown a model that is going to be used. Some of the techniques/camera angles that we will be using will be used to set up the story/mood for the profile. Which is a kind of Gatorade commercial type/style. This style brings your target audience in to the story of the player. All in all my professional experience is growing vastly.


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