Johnny Carter – Preview of the Fall


This fall, I will be doing my internship at Jordan Outdoor Enterprises. Most people know this company as Realtree. Realtree is a camouflage company, meaning that they design camo patterns for anything and everything.

Realtree’s camouflage can be seen on anything that relates to hunting and any hard or soft good: t-shits, hats, shoes, cups, cars, backpacks, guns, bows, and much more.

Some may be surprised, but Realtree is also heavily involved in television. Three television shows, Realtree Outdoors, Realtree Roadtrips, and Realtree’s Monster Buck’s Television and three DVDs, Monster Bulls, Monster Bucks vol.1, and Monster Bucks vol.2,  are produced by Realtree year-round.  In  the office, Realtree has one of the most advance and high-tech production house in the south east. This is where I will be spending the majority of my next twelve weeks.

My duties will include organizing media as is ships in from all across the country, aiding in any filming, producing, and anything else they ask of me.

The training starts now….


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