Brandon Lashley – Steeple Chase – Off to the Races


It is not everyday that a college student gets to be a part of something as big as planning and advertising of a Steeple Chase. I am grateful that I have been afforded this opportunity. I want to first tell you a little about the Steeple Chase in which Callaway Gardens holds on a yearly basis this being the 29th annual event, then discussing what I will be doing.

As I stated before this year will be the 29th annual event Callaway will be hosting, which is sanctioned by the National Steeplechase Association (NSA). There are a total of 26 Steeple Chase events within a given season consisting of nearly 200 races with a total purse of more than 4.6 million dollars per year. Many events will take place the day of the Steeple Chase in which I may elaborate on later.

As an intern for Callaway Gardens in this event process it has been tasked to me to learn as much as I can about Callaway and the Steeple Chase. This alone will take quite a few days. I will be working with very influential people within the surrounding area to help promote and plan for the event. I will also be assisting with a Campaigns class this semester to promote the Steeple Chase to Columbus State University students. This is only a snapshot of some of the things I will be doing and will hope to accomplish.

This is an exciting time for myself and CSU as a whole to participate in this event. I am proud to be a part of this and hope to exceed the role of intern.

For more information about the event go to
or find them on:


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