Chasity Cook- My Start at St. Francis Hospital

My start at St. Francis Hospital has been quite the experience. The first day that I arrived was a busy one. Every Monday morning is the community relations team meeting. In the meeting they evaluate the previous week’s tasks, and where they are in getting things together for the welcoming of new residents and doctors. St. Francis is also opening a new women’s health facility and they will open the labor and delivery hospital. The hospital stopped delivering babies in 1981, but they are now ready to start again and better serve the Columbus, Ga. area and its demand for baby deliveries and OB/GYN services.

During the meeting I was pleased to meet my new co-workers (I like to call them teammates) Jessica, John, and Karen.  They each shared with me their personal experiences at St. Francis both good and bad. Each of them is in different stages of their career. For this I am thankful because it gives me the opportunity to see how they have grown as writers, PR professionals, and media specialists.

As a communication major, I never thought that I would have to learn a medical term in my life. In about a two day span, I have come across at least thirty or more that I had no clue what they mean. I know see that this job is not only going to benefit my writing skills but also my research and networking skills. This is definitely an opportunity that I will never forget. It is time go full force and ride on this fantastic voyage called St. Francis!

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