Danielle Washington – Craig’s List Fraud

Craig's List Fraud

A local woman in Columbus Ga, wrote into WTVM to inform the public about a fraudulent check she received in the mall from a job search she did on Craig’s List. Curtis and I went to her home to interview her about what happened. She was very sweet and welcomed us in with open arms. This woman had been out of work for a few months and all the while she had been searching for a job. She has profiles with all the job search engines that alert to when a new job has been posted. She definitely had been feeling down about finding a job and she was very excited when she was contacted for a specific job. However she was not expecting to receive a check for about 2,000 dollars in the mail with instructions on what to do with that money. She knew then that this was not a legitimate job and she was very disappointed. The letter that was sent to her was done in an unprofessional manner and it was clear that is was fraudulent. Her main concern was to tell others about this scam so they would not be victims to such horrible things.


For we all have made accounts through search engines to assist us in finding jobs and sometimes we give out important information online with hopes of discovering a job. We never think about how people are out there preying on those individuals who vigilantly seek a job. I am so glad this local woman recognized the letter was unprofessional and that the check was a major fraud. She gave us the inside scope about her experience which really brought awareness to her and her family. We were glad to be able to cover her story because it gave the opportunity to save so many others from this ridiculous scam. It was a pleasure speaking with her in her home and now I know that people will scam any website to take advantage of others. Curtis took a great perspective in representing her story and his technique of displaying the letter and check definitely left a real touch in his package for that story. So the next time I connect to the internet I will be cognizant of the information and websites I use.

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