Jessica Word – Kelsey Crouch Interview

This morning I completed my interview with Kelsey and am currently working on my rough draft to submit tomorrow morning to Kern. Kelsey was an absolute blast to talk with, and she was clearly a deserving recipient of this amazing opportunity.

She spoke with me about the application process for CSU in Oxford, what classes she will be taking, how she plans to spend her time in Europe, etc. (Needless to say, I’m quite envious of her chance to study abroad!) Notably, she is the first art history participant in the CSU in Oxford Visiting Student Program. Kelsey spoke very highly of her teachers. Drs. McCoy and Johnston and Professor McCrillis have been instrumental in her success and seizing the opportunity to go to Oxford. They inspire her to do her best which affords her these amazing opportunities.


Junior Kelsey Crouch, Art History major

I found it interesting that Kelsey is not artistic at all. She simply loves the philosohpy, antiquity, and history of art. She said she could sit Barnes & Nobles just reading reading art history books all day.

Overall, Kelsey seemed to be an amazing girl and I wish her the best of luck! Hopefully, the writing process will go smoothly and everyone will approve of my student profile.

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