Jessica Word – Theatre Program

Today, I resumed working in Photshop CS4 in order to update the back of the Department of Theatre program cover. The back of the program lists faculty members and their credentials as well as listing information for donations. For the 2013-2014 year, I needed to remove a few faculty members from the cover and update a few teacher’s titles and donor level changes.

First, I emailed Deb Lejeune and asked her for several pieces of information concerning new professors, title changes, and donor level changes. I also emailed Sam Renner to find out his school information to be placed on the back of the program. Working on the back of the program cover proved to be relatively simple. If anyone has read my past blogs, then one will understand my immense relief by how simple today’s assignment turned out to be. Also, I had to replace several headshots and manually resize them to fit properly on the cover. I am still waiting to hear back from Deb and Professor Renner so hopefully I will be able to finish this assignment first thing in the morning!



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