Franchesca Renfroe – You Lead With Your Own Titles!

This week has been crazy! My boss is on her way to NYC for some important meetings. This leaves me completely in charge of the newsrooms. Being in charge of the newsrooms has taught me a lot about leadership, patience, and how to have fun at work. With the summer winding down I have to give that extra push to my fellow interns. This is the last leg of the race, no need to drop the baton now!


This basically describes the the way I feel perfectly – Mood swings and all

I find myself doing leadership tasks more naturally now. For example, we have always had a problem with the titles that are put on articles. For a couple of days I decided to just do the titles over. Then today, I let the journalism people pitch me their ideas. I wrote their ideas down and as an extra assignment I told them that they have to come up with their own titles. I made sure that they knew the titles had to be unique and nothing regurgitated from other media sites. Later on today I will see if this tactic worked! Wish me luck guys!


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