Chatil Bradford- WLTZ/ NBC38 Intern

Being a student in the Communication Department at Columbus State University offers me so many opportunities in the community for different internships. This summer I have begun an internship at WLTZ/ NBC 38. My particular area of focus is under the entertainment portion of the morning news called “Chip’s World.” This portion of the news focuses on whats going on in the community for the week. It is a way of connecting the people to the things that are going on in the community.

Dj Chip and I

Dj Chip and I

My job as the intern of the show is to always know what is going on in the community. Everyday I am calling different marketing directors for events and companies setting up times to shoot them. Once I have scheduled a time to shoot them, I then have to consult with my reporter about the event that we will be covering. We will then wait until the scheduled time and go out to shoot them. I am in full control of the camera at all times. All of the skills that I have learned through Dr.Hart’s Video Production class are put into full force. Once we have started shooting, I am also in charge of keeping my reporter on time and not going over 1 minute and 45 seconds. Sometimes it can be difficult when he isn’t looking but we have gotten better at communicating with each other when to wrap it up.


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