Courtney Mason – Am I a Writer?

This is so factual.

This is so factual.

I was recently tasked with creating an outline for a scripted video project we will be starting in the fall. At first I was all excited. I love to write. But then the perfectionist in me started to question my experience, and whether I was really writer enough to handle the task. Am I? I mean this thing is going to be funded and produced, actually filmed and created. These will be my words read by several people, and what if it’s stupid? What if the scenario I create is lame, or it’s unrealistic? What if my characters are boring? What if it’s too over-the-top? This is no 12 page paper I can whip out in a day for a class. This is a script with meaning, messages to convey, and people to impress. I am totally freaked out, and terrified of critique and rejection of my art. Either way, the deadline is fast approaching, so I need to put pen to paper (or fingers to keys, as the case may be) and create something. This is my task for the week, my daunting, scary task. I’ll let you know what the progress is like. There will be coffee and loud music involved, and I may not sleep all week.


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