Franchesca Renfroe -Two Words: Virtual Internship!

 When spring semester was coming to an end I only knew two things: 1. I needed an internship 2. All of the internships I applied for were not accepting me. I had the dream of interning in New York while living in an overly expensive dormitory. A girl can dream can’t she? Well, that never happened. But what I stumbled upon was even better. A virtual internship! Now, this might seem like a breeze but it is just as time consuming as a regular internship. At first my bed was my make shift office, now I actually have one on the kitchen table.


I am interning with Vain LLC. this summer. I am a journalism intern and I write for the Erica Vain Weekly Magazine. When this internship started, I hit the ground running. Many people have told me that in the writing industry only the strongest survive. So, you must put on your grown-up pants and do above and beyond your job requirements. Within my first two weeks, I was doing my very first feature interview. It was with Flo from the Oxygen show Bad Girl’s Club. I was so nervous! I’ve never interviewed someone in-depth before (even with my nerves I made it through!)




After that, I became the Chief Intern. Now, I am learning the ropes of what it’s like to be a lead journalist and be the person coming up with ideas for stories, running the newsroom every morning,  assigning work, making sure everything is on track, being on call 24/7. It’s hard and sometimes I feel overwhelmed but I push through. This week we are getting ready for the 2013 BET Awards. Next week is going to be crazy! We are scheduling interviews. My boss is preparing for her trip to LA. We have to keep everything together on the east coast. It’s going to be a wild week! I’m ready for it!


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