Jessica Word – Ticket booth and NPACE Center

Yestrerday, Kern and I worked in the Department of theater box office, selling tickets for the children’s show “The Cat in the Hat.” It was a lot of fun to see all the children and their parents so excited to see one of CSU’s many productions. I have yet to attend a performance and I will definitely have to see one soon! I never realized how amazing the facilities were at the Riverpark Theatre. Also, Kern made me an administrator of the College of the Arts and Department of Theater Facebook pages and I am excited to get started. I have worked so much with the Communication Department and I am excited to begin working with other departments within the College of the Arts.

catAs far as FANFARE is concerned, I will be holding off on working on the publication for now. Much of the music department is under transition so I will resume working on the publication sometime next month. For now, I will focus on the social media aspect of the College and assisting Kern in any way that I can.

I have also resumed working at the NPACE Center. I am continuing to work on the NPACE Center and Communication Department Facebook pages. It’s hard to find content and keep the pages relevant in the summer, because there isn’t that much going on. However, I’m hoping there will be more news next month with the launch of CSU TV.  This will be an exciting time for the whole college, because many musical productions, plays, tv shows, etc. will be aired featuring CSU students and staff. I look forward to the coming weeks of my internship!


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