Courtney Mason – From Intern to Student Assistant

I guess Professor Hart decided he couldn’t live without me after I interned in the NPACE center last semester, because here I am again, a student assistant this time. I feel pretty special, since I am the only student assistant that was so very specially hired on during the Summer Semester, when there normally are not any assistants. I do good things sometimes, and I guess someone noticed.

This semester is pretty exciting. Aside from the fact that we are packing a semester’s worth of work into 7 very short weeks, we have some really neat projects coming up. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but I will be a very busy lady until graduation! I started working in NPACE about 3 weeks before the semester began. my very first task was to learn to use the Tricaster to create videos for Dr. McCollough. This picture was my very first encounter. There was fear. There was learning. There were five whole days of this. Now I am a tricaster master. Okay, that’s a gross overstatement, but I can make videos!


This is my “before” face. Now I am a pro! Sorta… not really…


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