Jordie King- Orientation Retreat

This summer, I will be completing an internship as the Head Parent leader for the CSU orientation team.  I started my internship in May and at the end of training week every year, the orientation team goes on an out-of-town weekend retreat. This year we went to a 4-H camp called Camp Chandler in Wetumpka, Alabama.

For most of the team, it was a culture shock. We were deep in the woods – sleeping in two rooms with twenty bunk beds. It was such a fun trip and we did a lot of team building and exciting exercises that made us bond as a team. I was able to borrow some equipment from the NPACE Center so I could film the retreat for a video project. I filmed the group being blindfolded in the woods and having to complete an obstacle course based on the person in front of us. The activity taught us communication skills, leadership, and trust. Also, I was able to film was probably my favorite thing we did that entire weekend. We, as a team, had to lift everyone over a 15 foot wooden wall. This footage is going to be an awesome part of the video and I can’t wait to see how it turned out.


Our orientation group!


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