Malinda Shamburger- Until We Meet Again

The semester has come to an end (almost). This is the final blog. Writing a blog has been an interesting experience. One that initially frightened me, but I would like shout out Jessica for being an awesome “blog master”, she has helped me grasp this concept. You really can teach an “old dog” a new trick thanks Jessica!  Interning at Twin Cedars has been the highlight of my college career. The work that goes on in this company is mind blowing. Everyday that I walked into the office there was something happening. I was assigned to work with the Marketing an PR director, however what I was able to see and do went well beyond those day to day duties. Marketing for a non-profit is a lot of work. One has to be familiar with every program and every program director, what they need as well as what they want, and be able to tie it up in a pretty bow for the public. With the work that Twin Cedars does, advocating for abused children, making the bows pretty is tough. The things that I learned cannot be found in textbooks. Here is a little review of my semester in a few pictures.


There was CASA day at the capitol, and several resource fairs.


April is Child Abuse Awareness month, our big event was a visit from the Governor’s wife, First Lady Sandra Deal. The signature blue ribbons and pinwheels were seen all over uptown Columbus, and in our sister cities of LaGrange and Macon.


The Super Hero run was the biggest event. This first time venture was more successful than anyone could have imagined, and will now become an annual event. This is only a small snapshot of the semester, however, past blogs have covered several other projects. There is a lot that goes on at Twin Cedars that is not for the camera’s eye. It has been a blast and I will not say good bye, but until we meet again.


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