Charissee McKee- Looking foward to the future

We have come to end. I have learned a lot this semester about social media and the dos and don’ts. I am already trying to utilize what I have learned elsewhere. It was a great start and now I am going to take a class over the summer that is centered on social media. I feel that I will be prepared for the class. I now know how to develop a media plan, which is best to do before you began working on a page.  It is not an easy task to do social media, because you have to understand what you target audience wants and keeping them interested. I would have to say this internship has allowed me to see what I want to do exactly as my future career and I feel that I am on the right page. I wanted to intern and gain more experience to become more experienced and well rounded. As I stated I have been exposed to social media, event planning and get better with graphic designing. My internships had taught me the ins and outs of social media and I recently became the student assistant for the Student Activities Council, which plans events on campus. I feel that I will be able to utilize the skills that I have learned with my internship as well as learn more about publicity and graphic designing. It has been a busy semester, but I enjoyed my experience!


Some of the members from the SAC team and I.


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