Mark Yanoschik – NFL Draft

This week’s Friday Night Sports Focus show is definitely going to be exciting with the NFL draft happening this week. I played football in middle school and high school and it is undoubtedly my favorite sport. We are going to have a lot to talk about and we will even be having to give updates during the show. I’m especially excited because Josh,Thrift, and I have spent the past few weeks giving our predictions and opinions on the draft and we finally get to see who was right and wrong (something tells me i’ll be the right one and Josh will be wrong like he always is, haha).

nfl draft

The unpredictability of the draft is what makes sports so fun and is part of why so many people tune into our show. Things are always much more interesting when you do not know how they are going to end. For example, I am a Notre Dame fan and I have no clue where Mant Te’o is going to go in the draft. Even numerous playmakers from University of Alabama may not go as high as thought because of injuries that are coming to light. Only time can tell and I look forward to being able to talk about all of the mixed reactions on Friday night on 106.5 FM!


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