Jessica Word – Last Week at NPACE Center

This is my last full week as an intern in the NPACE Center. Things are staring to pick up and students are hustling and bustling to finish last minute projects and prepare for upcoming finals.

The multimedia lab is constantly packed with students archiving footage, downloading data, or editing their individual video projects.  Professor Hart and a few students are working hard to finish projects for clients. Hopefully, they will approve of the NPACE Center’s work and we can have an ongoing working relationship with these organizations. I think that is one of my favorite parts about working here – being able to work directly with clients and produce a professional quality product.

Throughout the semester, I have also been running the social media for the NPACE Center as well as for the Communications Department. I am pleased to say that I have been posting some very good news for our department. For example, Raeann Kraft and Alexis Jarrett won Top Presentation Awards in last Tuesday’s annual CSU Tower Day Event. Also, CSU welcomed its charter chapter of PRSSA. (Shameless plug, I was elected as the PR Director of our chapter!)



PRSSA Charter Chapter of CSU – Faculty Advisor, Dr. Chris McCollough with newly elected officers Chasity Cook, Kimberly Dutton, Brandon Lashley, and Jessica Word.

I am so pleased to have been able to intern for such an amazing organization and to have gained real world experience that I can use later in life.


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