Malinda Shamburger- A Super Day on Broadway

After months of preparation, the day had finally arrived. A Super Day on Broadway! A lot of planning that went into an event that lasted three hours, but every minute was worth it! There were over 200 runners and walkers, 20 vendors, 3 stage shows, a costume and art contest, and lots of people walking around in costume. The day started out with a zumba warm-up and then it was time for the race. Mayor, Teresa Tomlinson, came out to greet the crowd, but after greeting the crowd she walked around enjoying the festivities. WRBL’s meteorologist Bob Jeswald served as the day’s MC.



Everyone in involved in the event had a wonderful time. However, we do not want to forget the reason that we were all together on that day. It was a day of awareness for child abuse. Every dollar raised, and every person that came out brought us steps closer to reaching and helping more children. I think the CASA theme says it all, every child needs a hero, but an abused child needs a super hero!


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