Christina Kleehammer-WTVM-Week 12: Breaking News

As you can imagine, this has been a pretty action-packed week at WTVM News Leader 9.  We were sitting in the producers’ meeting on Monday afternoon going over the stories for each show when one of the producers looks at his phone and suddenly says, “Two explosions just went off at the Boston Marathon.”

Silence.  Scratch the plans.  National breaking news changes everything.  Here we go…

There’s an interesting relationship between local news and their national corporate affiliations.  The local 5 o’clock WTVM news show did not even air due to ABC’s coverage of the live events in Boston.  Still, relevant local events do not pause for the rest of the world.  So, I worked on updating a local breaking web story about a teenage boy who shot his parents while every major network reported on the Boston tragedy, and the WTVM newsroom bustled to be prepared just incase they had to go on air to report about the events.

The thing about working in news is that you always know what’s happening in the media world the moment that it happens.  On days when people inexplicably injure the innocent, it’s challenging not to be able to shut it off.

But then there are days when the world watches on as the good guy wins and the authorities bring justice.  That was Friday night, when Courtney the web producer had a Birthday dinner at Loco’s.  Some of the anchors were there on their dinner break between live broadcasts, and while we were there, the Boston bomber suspect was captured in a boat in someone’s backyard.  The WTVM anchors immediately tweeted it to their followers, then left to go tell them on TV.  In moments like that, working in news can be pretty rewarding.

With some of the WTVM News Team, celebrating Courtney's Birthday at Loco's Grill.

With some of the WTVM News Team, celebrating Courtney’s Birthday at Loco’s Grill.


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