Jessica Word – The calm before the storm

Surprisingly, this past week has not been as hectic as usual.

Professor Hart was out of town for a conference and the NPACE Center was very quiet. Most of the student assistants and interns still showed up for work and began to keyframe and sort through the plethora of Artbeat footage.

Courtney and I held open lab time during the week for students in both Video Production I & II to capture footage from the NPACE Center hard drives and begin their individual projects due this Tuesday. Some students took advantage of this opportunity and worked all week to finish their rough cut and begin working on their final project.


This past week was most definitely the calm before the storm. I know in this upcoming week the NPACE Center will be filled with students rushing to finish their projects, assistants and interns working like crazy, and everyone preparing for finals.

This semester will be over in two weeks. Two short weeks. I can’t even explain how fast this semester has flown by. While I’m glad the end of the semester is near, I’m sad that this will be my last two weeks working in the NPACE Center. However, I know that I will still stick around and help out as much as they need me!


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